Florian Schweikert

Some of my projects

Wienerlinien Opendata


Gestern kam die lang ersehnte Ankündigung der Echtzeitdatenfreigabe.
S-Bahn Daten sind leider angeblich noch nicht dabei. Um die Schnittstelle zu testen benötigt man einen API-Key der hier zu beantragen ist.

Attending my first signing party


The social part

It was a drawn-out experience, standing for about 90 minutes checking (foreign) passports. But it was fun, meeting many new people and also getting some feedback for my talk.
I now also know much more about the security features of my own passport than ever.

The technical part

Signing about 60 keys (+ much more subkeys) is hard without some help of special programs. I used caff from the signingparty package to sign and send the keys.
Unfortunately there is no signingparty package for arch and I discovered the caff-svn package in aur too late.
So I make my own PKGBUILD file, which is not fully complete and so I don't upload it to aur. (x86_64 PKG)
I followed the howto on eurion.net to configure caff.

To import the signatures from my mail account I wrote a small python script to load all signature mails from my imaps server, decrypt it and import it to my keyring. You can get the script at github.

Testing SailfishOS SDK


Using my old Acer T231H touchscreen for some sailfishos testing

  # rotate display
  xrandr --output HDMI1 --rotate right
  # rotate touch input
  xinput set-prop "Acer T231H" --type=float "Coordinate Transformation Matrix" 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 1