Page relaunch

by Florian Schweikert

As I had to migrate my personal page from my old employers server to my own, it was time to do some renovation here.

The old page used to be some hackish (and maybe wrongly used) smarty templates. As Djangofanboy I thought about writing the new page using Django. I quickly realised how ridiculous the idea was. There is only little content on the page, updates are rarely and I'm the only one editing it. Setting up a Django app and maintaining it can be quite time-consuming.

So I looked for alternatives. Even with so few pages I didn't want to give up features like templating and automagic overview pages. As it already was on my todo list for a while I ended up with static page generators. As a lazy person I searched for python based systems. In particular I'm now using Cactus to generate the page. It uses the Django templating engine (sadly only 1.6 at the moment) so there was little effort necessary to get it running. Besides templates Cactus also supports nice things like css/js minimizers.

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